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Cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland.
“It was uncanny how on the same track Heather and I both were – both 24, both traveling solo for 3 to 4 months, both from small towns where our families meant the world to us; small towns that ironically, because of my placement in Montana and her situation in Saskatchewan, were nearly exactly due north and south from each other. Over dinner the next night on the upper floor of a pub just off the Royal Mile, we compared notes on our single pairs of multi-purpose shoes (both suitable for mountainside trails and ballets in opera houses), discussed the change in the last four weeks of our trips where we’d said ‘screw it’ and given up being frugal to taste everything local in sight, and devoted a large chunk of time to laugh at the tropes we heard on a near daily basis due to being solo women travelers – ‘All alone? Your parents must be terrified!’ ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ ‘If you were my girlfriend, I’d never have let you attempt this on your own.’ “
Excerpt from a post, “Matty Groves”

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